Often people lose their battle with excess weight, when they are trying to keep off weight gain after a successful weight loss period! Find below tips to maintain weight loss:

Eat fewer calories everyday

Studies  show that weight loss results in a concomitant decline in body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of about 8 kcal/lb (nearly half kilo)lost/day. This drop in BMR, which has been termed ‘energy gap’ is the reason for maintaining a lower calorie  intake in the long term for sustained weight loss. So, if you lost, say 10 kilo weight, you have to eat 200-300 calories fewer than someone with same weight

Weigh yourself at least once in a week

Research shows that people who weigh themselves at least once a week, keep the weight off more successfully. In fact, weighing yourself daily is even better!

Stay active: now more than before

Physical activity is crucial in the prevention of weight regain.

  • Aerobic exercise >200 minutes/week, along with resistance training 2-3 times a week is recommended.
  • Also low intensity physical activity such as long easy walks, work of household etc. are associated with long term weight maintenance

Maintaining diet and exercise diary

Get aware of creeping indiscipline (which is very common) in your lifestyle. You can use any of the available mobile applications, and monitor yourself at least weekly for how well you are doing with regard to your set goals

Stay motivated

  • Contact session with your care provider: at least once a month helps in keeping motivated and staying on the right track, this can be done face to face or online, both have been found effective
  • Use behavioral science to your advantage: to stay motivated you need to give yourself positive reinforcement, practice stimulus control and problem solving (weight loss motivation: how to keep it up)

Keep track of your health

  • Frequent health check-up and monitoring of risk factors is needed , in first one or two  years of intensive weight loss. It will help you see how you have gained from weight gain and also let your doctor know whether you need any drug adjustments etc.

So, follow these principles to not throw away all the good work you did in losing weight!

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