Lifestyle physical activity: does it help?

Do you wonder whether doing household work or walking around the house could help you be healthier? The answer is yes ! Of course, regular  recommended exercise for adults offers bigger benefits, but even ‘lifestyle physical activity’ helps!

Lifestyle physical activity definition

Lifestyle physical activity is defined as any activity other than structured exercise, sleeping and eating. It includes low intensity walking, household work etc.

Lifestyle activity benefits

Fitness experts suggest that if you struggle to achieve the recommended volume of exercise, at least do plenty of  lifestyle physical activity everyday. It is important for the following reasons:

  • Sedentary behaviour (e.g. television watching, computer use, and sitting in a car or at a desk for a long time) is an additional risk factor for many health conditions. These include abdominal obesity, high blood glucose, insulin resistance, high blood cholesterol, high BP and even death from heart disease. Sedentary behaviour is detrimental even for individuals who do enough exercise everyday. Therefore, experts recommend breaking sedentary activities by short bouts of physical activity such as standing and moving around
  • Obesity can result from calorie excess (calorie consumed in excess of body needs) as small as 10-100 calories/day, over a long period of time, lifestyle activity helps burn some calories, so it will be helpful in health promotion
  • Several studies have shown that in sedentary people, lifestyle activity, at levels only 50% of recommended exercise levels, leads to significant risk reductions for heart disease and premature death

So keep up your efforts to get more physically active, even if it be at slower pace and prepare to go full force!

Lifestyle physical activity examples

Find below a table of some lifestyle activities and their duration needed to burn 300 calories


Minutes of continuous activity needed to burn 300 calories
Activity Weight in kilograms
Lifestyle activities
Golf (walking)
Raking the lawn 76 55 45
Lawn mowing
Walking power mower 68 49 40
Riding mower 122 88 72
Vacuuming/sweeping 122 88 72

But, Exercise intensity is important for all health benefits of exercise to be realized; therefore check out exercise prescribed for healthy adults

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