The common wisdom that a pregnant woman needs to eat for two, is often taken by pregnant women and their families too far! This results in excess weight gain during pregnancy. This makes getting back to normal weight and shape after the baby more difficult and often chips at women’s self esteem!

Find below the recommended range of weight gain for Indian women and use it as a benchmark to compare your actual weight gain with.

The ICMR India recommends that overall weight gain of 10-12 kilograms during pregnancy is optimal, however up to 16 kgs is alright

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Weight gain target ranges for each trimester for women with healthy weight (BMI: 18-22.9)

Weight gain in 1st trimester Weight gain in 2nd trimester Weight gain in 3rd trimester
(Up to 12 completed weeks) (13-28 weeks) (29th week onwards)
Overall weight gain: 10 kg 0 4.5 5
Overall weight gain 16 kg 2 7.5 7

If you are overweight or underweight or carrying twins, your targets for overall weight gain will be different

Minimum weight gain    Maximum weight gain
BMI range Single pregnancy Twins
Normal 10 16 17
Overweight 7 11 14
Obese 5  9  11
Underweight 12.7 18 seek doctor’s advice

The weight that the mother gains helps in assessing the level of nutrition and growth of baby in the womb, but the more accurate way to assess baby’s growth is by an antenatal ultrasound, therefore you should get ultrasound done as per your doctor’s advice

The diet during pregnancy should allow adequate  but not excessive weight gain and  give adequate nutrition. You should get enough of six nutrients whose requirements increase by a great margin in pregnancy. These are: Iron, Folic acid, Calcium, Iodine, Protein and Vitamin A. This means improvement in the quality of everyday food more than just adding calories. We have designed such a diet for you, get it now!

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Keep exercising during pregnancy, it not only helps at the time of birth, but also helps you get back in shape faster afterwards! Read: exercise in pregnancy: safety, benefits and how-to

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