Diabetic patients: get diabetes help and make your own diabetes control plan

Diabetes is going to be your lifelong companion, so it makes sense to invest some time in understanding how to keep it in control and what happens if you don’t!

Often diabetic patients are told what to do: what to eat, which drugs to take etc. But the doctors do not explain what your health targets are and what are the complications to watch out for

Diabetes is not only a disease of high blood sugar levels, but also increases risk of heart attack, stroke, foot gangrene, blindness, infections and even cancer. It is important to know all risks and develop understanding about keeping them in control

DSME (Diabetes Self Management Education) can help diabetic patients better manage diabetes.  Follow the steps below to get a complete DSME assessment and to make your own management plan. So that you can enjoy life without constant fear or restrictions!

Of course, you have to follow up with your doctor for drug management and overall tests and treatment plan. But having your own DSME plan lets you become your doctor’s partner in managing your disease


Check what you know: Take the ‘DSME preparedness questionnaire’ to find out (and share with us for further guidance, if you like) your level of understanding and management of diabetes

Rule out complications: Get your complete diabetic health check-up  to find out your diabetes control level and rule out complications

Assess your heart risk due to diabetes: Calculate your ‘10 year risk of heart disease‘ , so that you get an idea of how aggressively you need to manage them

Checkout ‘Good control of diabetes beyond blood sugar‘ to understand the target levels which you need to achieve. Then,  use this knowledge to make your drug and lifestyle management plan with your doctor

Monitor and track: The final step is to keep track of your disease status by

If you follow these simple steps, you will feel in charge of your life despite yourdiabetes!!

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